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Healthcare Organizations

Catalyst Learning’s tools deliver measurable results. 

We work closely with healthcare employers to help them move the needle on workforce development, employee engagement, and patient satisfaction goals.

Our Tools:
  • Prepare employees for entrance to local community colleges
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Insure tuition reimbursement expenditures
  • Improve diversity among clinical and management staff
  • Boost patient and nurse satisfaction
  • Increase employee retention

Many of our School at Work graduates were CNAs who have since earned their LVN degree… SAW is a positive experience that elevates Associates' dedication to CHRISTUS St. Michael while increasing their understanding of the individual part they can play in the delivery of excellent patient care.

Chris Karam

Career Ladders

Career ladder programs help transform every job in a health care facility – including entry-level positions-- into a potential “first step” to a professional healthcare career. Successful career ladder programs result in increased employee versatility, engagement and can have an indirect impact on patient care.

CLC embraces the career ladder concept as a model for extending career pathway access to employees at every level. The Company works with over 500 hospitals to help them cultivate a skilled workforce using existing talent. Our products introduce employees to the world of healthcare career opportunities available and specifically link their goals to the employer’s workforce needs. As employees learn about high-demand ladders within their hospital, they use CLC’s Career and Learning Plan to create a customized map for advancement.

Choosing the Right Product

CLC’s principal products are CAPS®, CareerCare®, ECHO®, and School at Work®. Each product was developed to address the unique needs of employees in your organization. Explore the best fit by requesting more information or calling us at 502-584-7337.

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CAPS ECHO School at Work CareerCare


Education + Career Planning Education + Career Planning Career Planning
Target Audience:
Entry-level to Managers
Target Audience:
Mid-level employees
Target Audience:
Entry-level employees
Target Audience:
Mid-level employees

  Typical Job Titles:
Patient Care Tech, Administrative Assistant,  Health Information Tech
Typical Job Titles:
Housekeeper, Dietary Aide, Nurse Aide, Clerk
Typical Job Titles:
Lab Tech, Office Coordinator, Patient Service Representative, Team Lead, Supervisor

Benefits and Applications:

  • Prepare LPNs for college and move more of your nursing team to BSN level.
  • Advance managers’ critical thinking/problem solving skills.
  • Improve HCAHPS results. Increase employee awareness and accountability.
  • Improve clerical staff’s professional email and writing skills.
  • Help your team make Healthcare Reform-inspired changes.
  • Improve engagement, communications, and teamwork skills.

Benefits and Applications
  • Upward mobility & increased engagement for mid-level employees
  • Improve administrative staff's verbal communication and writing skills
  • Increases supervisor problem solving & critical thinking skills
  • Prepares ADN/LPNs for return to BSN programs

Benefits and Applications:
  • Upward mobility & increased engagement for entry-level staff
  • Improved retention
  • Increases diversity in clinical, management ranks
  • Prepares employees to successfully return to college with a career plan

Benefits and Applications:

  • Address Engagement survey gap in area of "opportunity to learn & grow" with your organization.
  • Builds the pipeline for critical talent
  • Increases the odds of "fit" before authorizing valuable tuition reimbursement $
  • Saves HR staff time with self-paced delivery model

Recommended Screening Criteria:
Reading at near college level and medium to strong computer proficiency

Recommended Screening Criteria:
Reading at minimum recommended level; determined in screening process

Recommended Screening Criteria:
Self-motivated; strong critical thinking skills; Reading at near college level; strong computer proficiency

Length of Program:

2 hour seminars with optional online component

Length of Program:

 4 months.  Students spend 2 hrs in class weekly

Length of Program:

6 months. Students spend 2 hrs in class weekly

Length of Program:
2-4 months. Participants spend 11-17 hours

Delivery Model:

Class facilitation: DVD, workbook, optional online reinforcement

Delivery Model
Class facilitation: DVD, online, workbook

Delivery Model:

Class facilitation: DVD, online, workbook

Delivery Model:

Self-paced:  online, workbook

Helping Workforce Development Organizations

Stimulate Economic Growth

  • SAW moves Americans of limited economic status towards middle class wages
  • As SAW graduates move up in the organization, entry-level positions open for others
  • Creates pathways out of poverty

Support WIA Retention and Earning Increase Goals

  • Employees more likely to stay with employers who provide development opportunities
  • SAW coursework prepares employees for entry into local certificate/degree programs, where higher wages are available to those moving into clinical and technical positions

Strengthen Connections to Business

  • Initiates or expands working relationships with key employers
  • Builds likelihood of employers’ ongoing investment in entry-level staff

Leverage other WIB Investments

  • History of sustainability with hospitals assume ongoing cost of employee development
  • Lower-cost remediation than traditional methods. Education facilitation and career planning done by hospital staff; in concert with WIB and local colleges
  • Serves as a preparatory class for LPN-RN programs; a follow-up class for Nurse Aides or newly employed


Due to the ever increasing demand for skilled healthcare workers, it makes good economic sense to invest in your own people.  SAW provides a great service to our community by providing hospitals with a tool to funnel existing talent through the pipeline.  This is a win for the employer, the employee, and ARC  as we move incumbent workers upward and open entry-level jobs to new workers to join the workforce.

Mary Margaret Garrett
Chief, Workforce Development Division, Atlanta Regional Commission

Customer Testimonials

Beth Mehaffey
Vice President of Human Resources
Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville, FL
James Brookhart
Vice President of Human Resources
St. John’s Health System, Springfield, MO
Val Richardson
Workforce Development Director
Palmetto Health, Columbia, SC
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