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An Era of Change Catalyst Learning
An Era of Change:  For those healthcare human resource professionals gearing up for ASHHRA 2011, this year’s theme probably elicits mixed emotions.  Yes, we’re in the midst of exciting transformation, but the stakes (and challenges) are high.  The anticipated influx of new patients as a result of healthcare reform is welcome, yet overwhelming: the law extends coverage to approximately 32 million uninsured people, putting stress on a workforce long-beleaguered by staffing shortages.  Additionally, the shift towards more patient-centered environments benefits outcomes, but with added pressure to optimize care teams.   Amid the whirl of unknowns, one thing remains constant organizations able to hire and retain the best people will be industry champions. For a customer-centric organization like Catalyst Learning, the challenge to help clients maintain a competitive edge was something of a mandate.  We were driven to create solutions that would more-rapidly funnel workers into hard-to-fill pipelines; that could move the needle on patient care and professionalism.  Since 2002, over 10,000 entry-level healthcare employees have been impacted by CLC’s flagship product School at Work.   Those numbers sound strong at first blush, but only scratch the surface of the work that needs to be done to develop the healthcare workforce of the future.  The Catalyst Learning team recognized the need to expand beyond the traditional School at Work employee profile and provide a means to reach greater numbers of employees.  The first steps towards this vision was the 2010 release of CareerCare, an on-line system that helps mid-level employees plan and manage their careers in healthcare.  Catalyst Learning is proud to state that CareerCare is the only system of its kind customized specifically for the healthcare industry! What also makes it unique is that employees work independently; the process saves HR staff 3-4 hours per employee participant. Two key benefits of CareerCare are its use as a practical succession planning tool and ability to protect precious tuition reimbursement dollars. The next step towards the vision to tap into the vast potential at the mid-level is release of the newly upgraded ECHO 2.0.  ECHO is more comprehensive than CareerCare in that it’s both education and career development.  The program delivers the same high quality curriculum and career planning tools that nearly 500 hospitals have experienced with School at Work, yet adds new content that customers have ranked a priority.  Critical-thinking and problem-solving modules teach employees to become more adept at problem identification and develop a stronger foundation for decision making.  Modules on patient safety and satisfaction prepare them for a clinical role by making them well versed in HCAHPS Standards and Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals.  These recent innovations leave the Catalyst Learning team brimming with optimism that we are prepared to help customers embrace, rather than fear, this era of change.  We hope to see you at ASHHRA and sharing more details about these exciting developments!  Please contact me if you plan to attend.  In the meantime, bookmark this page to look for the latest news about CLC and the state of healthcare workforce development.

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