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What Makes An Employee Highly Engaged? chardyadmin

Can you check all these items off the list in your organization?  Do you know what portion of your entry level are experiencing each of these?  What about your mid-level and first time supervisors?  What can you do this year to improve one or more of these areas?  Take control of turnover costs and help your patients feel how much ALL of their care team wants to be there.


Catalyst Learning & NCharge at the 2015 ANCC Magnet Conference chardyadmin
Since the launch of NCharge at the 2014 Conference, nurse leadership pioneers have proven the value of the NCharge development series with their frontline nurses. 

This year, it could be your turn to bring home something game-changing for your nurses, their patients, and the organization. Catalyst Learning will be exhibiting at ANCC in October - just next week! CLC has a special offer to ANCC attendees so be sure to let us know if you will be attending to get details. 

Attending? Make an appointment now to meet with Lynn or Cindy and discuss your frontline nurse development needs.


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