Catalyst Learning will be the preferred workforce development partner for healthcare organizations. Our focus on entry- to mid-level employees helps employers realize the full impact and contribution this group makes to the success of the organization.


Catalyst Learning provides healthcare organizations with technology-based career development and education solutions that align employee and employer goals and help employees realize their full potential; The company makes a unique contribution for entry-level workers by advocating on their behalf.


Customers are Our Lifeblood

  • Our company can only be successful by understanding and keeping customer needs a top priority. We strive to delight our customers by exceeding their expectations.
  • We speak with our customers in the language of the mind and of the heart. Our customers:
  •           Require results that positively impact their operations; we deliver these outcomes.
  •           Are moved by the transformation in their employees, for which we are the catalyst.
  • We have a bias for action. We anticipate customer and Company needs, and move proactively to develop and implement solutions to meet them.

A Voice for the Forgotten Majority

  • Catalyst Learning was founded to increase access to education for low-wage workers; adults who have been left behind, but want to “do better”.
  • We advocate on their behalf to people in power who can help them achieve their goals.


  • We keep our commitments, to our customers and to each other. We are only as good as our reputation. Our word is our bond.


  • Our employees are our greatest resource – we promote involvement and input from all team members. We provide opportunities for growth, recognize achievements, and celebrate successes.
  • We respect each other and our varying views. We are courteous, but willing to challenge when needed.
  • A highly aligned team allows us to accomplish our goals. We encourage and expect the open and honest communications needed to achieve it.

Passion for Learning

  • Our business is dedicated to helping adults reach their full potential, through education and career development.
  • We are curious and open-minded. We ask good questions and listen well.
  • We believe in continuous improvement and practice the processes and discipline required to create innovations, both large and small.