How Could Nursing Change in a post-COVID-19 World?

A new era of health care preparedness is upon us. For the healthcare industry in general, scaling up can happen when backs are against the wall. We know we can quickly add capacity, or have the ability to add capacity when care delivery needs are vast (ICU for ex.) With this new can-do spirit, we’ll […]

Bristol Builds on Magnet Success – Develops Great Nurse Leaders

ANCC’s Magnet Recognition Program® recognizes hospital organizations for excellence in patient care and superior nursing processes. Bristol Hospital, a small community hospital in Connecticut, is extremely proud to be among the elite 7% of health care organizations with Magnet designation nationally. To uphold this high standard, Bristol has embraced dedication to one theme: developing great […]

Nemours Children’s Hospital: Teaching Charge Nurses How To Understand And Communicate Financial Performance Indicators

Nemours Children’s Hospital (NCH) in Orlando, FL opened its doors in 2012 and has quickly become one of the premier children’s hospitals in the country, providing a full spectrum of pediatric care to its young patients. Nursing Director of Professional Excellence, Toni Christopherson, described the nursing team as exceptional, passionate and always willing to go the extra mile […]

A Nurse Succession Plan at East Alabama Medical Center

East Alabama Medical Center has a strong mission statement – Deliver high quality, compassionate healthcare. EAMC knows that to do this, they need to keep a strong pipeline of nurses and first-level supervisory nurse leaders, a familiar concept to EAMC. Being a quality hospital in a smaller market, EAMC has a longstanding tradition of growing their own to carry […]

Saint Anthony Leaps to an “A” In Hospital Safety 

Saint Anthony Hospital staff worked hard to improve its Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade from a D in 2014 to an A in October 2016. The nonprofit, community teaching hospital in Chicago found one key to success came in providing front-line nurse leadership with increased confidence and management tools that would help improve hospital standards and […]