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Nurse Managers

Can’t Do it Alone!

Nursing shortages are putting an extraordinary strain on many of our customers and other US health systems. All hands are on-deck for patient care and precepting new graduates. With nurse managers and educators tied up with bedside care and precepting, the leadership and management skills of charge nurses are more important than ever.
Charge Nurse Leadership Fundamentals
  • Employ strategies for making a smooth transition from staff nurse to charge nurse position.
  • Enhance individual and unit performance by understanding the various roles of an effective charge nurse.
  • Apply qualities for successful leadership
  • Create an individual action plan to identify challenges and maximize opportunities faced in today’s complex hospital environment.
  • Analyze the importance of patient care and experience in the implications of HCAHPS scores.
Supervisory Skills for Positive Outcomes
  • Evaluate strategies for monitoring and reducing the incidence of Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs)
  • Apply communication strategies to confidently communicate practice concerns.
  • Employ a collaborative approach to managing conflict.
  • Utilize time management strategies to prioritize the work plan.
  • Demonstrate how to delegate tasks appropriately while maintaining accountability.
Critical Thinking Skills for Charge Nurses
  • Differentiate decision making from critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate the benefit of applying critical-thinking to the decision-making process.
  • List four essential traits of critical thinkers
  • Use critical-thinking process to make informed decisions.
Leading Change in a Dynamic Climate
  • Integrate drivers of the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape into teammate discussions.
  • Accurately interpret teammates’ individual responses to change in the work environment.
  • Implement strategies to improve staff productivity by facilitating change-related transitions.
  • Collaborate with staff to improve change-related transitions impacting quality of care.
Charge Nurse Leadership Fundamentals
January 17 and 21
Supervisory Skills for Positive Outcomes
February 7 and 11

Critical Thinking
for Charge Nurses
January 31 and February 4
Leading Change in a Dynamic Climate
February 21 and 25

Why NCharge?

The health crisis has reaped massive change on the nursing workforce with a staffing crisis in many areas of the US. Think of Nurse Managers and Charge Nurses as “chief retention officers”. Top notch people skills, taught in NCharge classes, can help you stem turnover.


Choose the delivery format that meets your current needs. Virtual or Classroom. Your instructors or ours. Private or public groups.


The group discussions and interactive activities that are integral to our NCharge courses have been adapted to a virtual (webinar-style) format through the use of breakout discussion rooms, live chat box input from participants, and polls.

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