Increase in SAW/ECHO graduate skills

As reported by Manager

Clinical 43%
  • Nurse Support Tech
  • Central Service
  • Tech/Sterile Processing
  • Patient Care Aide/Tech
  • Nursing Assistant/CNA
  • Physical Therapy Aide/Assistant
  • Emergency Room Tech
  • Core Tech
  • Cardiology Tech
  • Respiratory Therapy Tech
  • Opthamology Tech
  • Anesthesia Tech
  • Operating Room Tech
  • Film Literary-Diagnostic Imaging Associate

Non-Clinical Support 33%
  • Team Leader/Supervisor
  • Groundskeeper
  • Maintenance Tech
  • Distribution Clerk
  • Coordinator Stockless Prog.
  • Tech Coordinator
  • Patient Service Tech
  • Equipment Suplly Coordinator
  • Baker
  • Bed Access Representative
  • Washer Operator
  • Hospitality Associate
  • Maintenance Supervisor

Clerical 24%
  • Department/Unit Secretary
  • Medical Secretary
  • Registration Assistant/Specialist
  • Outpatient Registrar
  • Medical Records Clerk
  • Documentation Clerk
  • Office Coordinator
  • Purchasing Associate
  • Admissions Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Education Office Assistant
  • Medical Administrative Adminstrator
  • Program Support Clerk

Entry Level Impact on Patient Satisfaction

Collaborates with others to produce outcomes that are in the best interest of our patients

Has improved his/her contribution to a safe working environment

Demonstrates an understanding that all departments are an important contributor of a patient's view of the hospital

Assists clinical staff with more non-clinical patient support

Contributes to a positive patient experience

Increase In Entry Level Behavior Changes/Outcomes

Willingness to perform new tasks
Willingness to work together as a team
Interest, appearance, punctuality, etc.
Range from 73.2% to 86.6% across a variety of activities

 Patient and Nurse Satisfaction  



Catalyst Learning employee development programs are proven tools for successful retention, engagement, and performance improvement.  The results in the graphics above are from a study conducted by CLC with its SAW and ECHO customers.  Learn more by downloading one these articles & case studies: