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CareerCare is an online, 4-step system for career planning within your healthcare organization. CareerCare helps employees match their interests and skills to healthcare career paths and can connect them with in-demand jobs at your organization. Grow your workforce from within and retain your top talent.

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 diamaond pattern of employees

Workers Value Learning Opportunities

  • 17%

    of frontline employees report having frequent discussions about career advancement

  • 30%

    Healthcare is rated the lowest for employee awareness of job advancement opportunities

  • 36%

    % frontline employees say they receive little to no information on career advancement opportunities upon hiring

  • 65%

    of frontline employees are unaware or unsure how to achieve advancement

Source: McKinsey and Cara Plus Frontline Employee Survey

Instill Knowledge and Confidence.

Research from Strada Education Network finds the #1 reason adults don’t pursue post-secondary education is the perceived absence of career value. Many adults don’t understand the connection between post-secondary education, higher wages and upward mobility. Other top reasons adults don’t pursue education: concerns about managing life’s logistics and lack of confidence. CareerCare and other Catalyst Learning solutions help you address these underlying factors to enable employee development and upward mobility.


Fascinating Careers for Life!

Healthcare systems have an amazing wealth of careers in nursing, allied-health, administrative and support pathways. Often employees don’t know about the myriad of options available. Many of these roles can lift lower-wage employees into middle-skilled careers with higher wages. Help them learn about and grow into your “Fascinating Careers for Life”!

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CareerCare 4-Step Process

Step 1


The first step in identifying your career interests and setting meaningful career development goals is self-reflection.

  • My Experiences
  • My Skills
  • My Learning Styles
  • My Values
  • My Interests
  • Recap

Step 2

Exploring My Career Options

Exploring careers will help you determine which ones could be a good fit for you.

  • Job Research
  • My Career Options
    (Step 2)
  • My Learning Styles

Step 3

Investigating My Career Options

Investigate the careers that interest you in more depth.

  • My Experiences
  • Informational Interview
  • Job Shadowing
  • My Career Options
    (Step 3)

Step 4

Preparing for My Chosen Career

Learn to use tools that will help you set and attain your career development goals.

  • My Development Plan
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Resume Builder

CareerCare Delivery Models

CareerCare can be delivered in a facilitator-led cohort model (recommended) or done in independent study.

The facilitator-led cohort model features: