CareerCare is a pro-active approach to workforce development and succession planning. This healthcare-specific, online system helps mid-level employees plan and manage a career path within your organization.



  • Increase Employee Engagement

  • Expanded Career Advising and Recruiting Capabilities

  • Support your Aspiring Leader or Mentor Program

  • Maximize Tuition Reimbursement Investments

  • Retain and Redeploy Loyal Employees

  • Save HR Staff Time by Automating Career Planning Support

  • Reduce Turnover


Content and Features

How It Works
  • CareerCare is an online, self-paced program.
  • A four-step process leads participants through a series of career planning activities:

    • Self-Reflection
      Results in a better understanding of personal interests and aptitudes
    • Exploration
      Using a healthcare jobs database, videos, and other tools, participants begin the research process to learn more about career paths of interest.
    • Investigation
      This step takes the research to a deeper level by incorporating informational interviewing and job shadowing activities. At this point, employees are working to narrow options to those that are the best fit.
    • Preparing for Selected Career
      In this step, an action planning process provides participants with a detailed roadmap to reaching his or her career goals.