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“Building My Career” Customizable Course

The “Building My Career” course provides healthcare employers with a proven system for educating employees about healthcare career pathways. It also helps employees understand their interests and skills and match them with in-demand jobs at your organization. The course culminates in a career plan with SMART goals and actions for success!

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Employees Value Career Advancement Opportunities

Informing employees of opportunities and career paths within your organization is important to engaging and retaining talent at all levels. As healthcare employers continue to struggle with staffing, research from McKinsey & Co has highlighted that many employees not informed about opportunities within their own organizations:

The “Bridging the Advancement Gap: What Employees Want vs. What Employers Thank They Want” study by McKinsey & Company further highlights a large gap in employee and employer perspectives on this subject.

  • 65%

    report they are unaware or unsure how to achieve advancement

Increase Employee Awareness & Understanding

With its amazing variety of careers for people at all education and skill levels, healthcare is unique! Take advantage of the untapped in-house talent you have with a strategic approach to workforce development. In addition to filling needed positions and building loyalty, many of these roles can also lift lower-wage employees into middle-skilled careers and support DE&I initiatives.

Use the “Building My Career” course to:

 benefits - Career Pathways

Delivery Model

The “Building My Career” course is typically delivered in a facilitator-led cohort model. Related tools can also be done in independent study.

The course features:


“Building My Career” 4-Step Process

Step 1


The first step in identifying career interests and setting meaningful career development goals is self-reflection.

  • My Experiences
  • My Skills
  • My Learning Styles
  • My Values
  • My Interests
  • Recap

Step 2

Exploring Career Options

Increase awareness of specific jobs, their associated duties, and career pathways. Apply self reflection and assessment results. Map to specific “next step” roles.

  • Job Research
  • My Career Options
    (Step 2)
  • My Learning Styles

Step 3

Investigating Career Options

Help employees take a deeper dive into jobs and careers that interest them. Understanding improves confidence in making a change.

  • My Experiences
  • Informational Interview
  • Job Shadowing
  • My Career Options
    (Step 3)

Step 4

Preparing for Chosen Career

Key to success are clear goals and a well-thought out action plan!

  • My Development Plan
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Resume Builder

Instill Knowledge and Confidence.

Research from Strada Education Network finds the #1 reason adults don’t pursue post-secondary education is the perceived absence of career value. The “My Career” course helps your employees understand the connection between post-secondary education and higher wages within your health system. It also shows your support for helping them gain the confidence, life plan, and financing needed to enroll and succeed in college.