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Engage and Retain Skilled Team Members with Career Pathways

CareerCare is a web-based platform that expertly matches employees with in-demand jobs within your organization and crafts personalized career plans with SMART goals and actionable next steps. Our comprehensive system isn’t just a career planning platform – it’s a journey of self-discovery, visioning, and empowerment for your employees.

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Why CareerCare?


of frontline employees are unaware of how they can advance in their company.

 graph Why CareerCare

This knowledge gap creates a disconnect between employees’ aspirations and the potential growth paths available.

As a result, organizations underutilize the talent already within their ranks.

Source: Bridging the advancement gap: What frontline employees want—and what employers think they want [McKinsey & Co]

But when employees are informed about training opportunities during work hours...

 graph Why CareerCare70%
Take advantage of these sources
 graph Why CareerCare33%
Earn career boosting certifications

Addressing these barriers requires a comprehensive strategy. That’s where CareerCare comes in.

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What is CareerCare?

CareerCare is a one-stop-shop for employees to: identify career paths and assess their behavioral/aptitude skills; explore job fits; and plan their next career move.

Through CareerCare’s flexible and adaptable design, Catalyst Learning is building on its 20 year experience; empowering the future of healthcare by supporting upward mobility for entry- and mid-level workers.

Sessions can be conducted in-person, virtually, or in a blended format, offering the flexibility of group learning or independent study.

The CareerCare Journey

Step 1


Complete skills and career interest assessments. CareerCare then offers personalized job recommendations

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Step 2

Exploring Career Options

Increase awareness of specific jobs, associated duties, and career pathways by exploring career interests through job shadowing and informational interviewing.

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Step 3

Preparing For Chosen Career

Craft a comprehensive career roadmap, addressing obstacles, completing microlearning modules, and outlining SMART goals and short- and long-term objectives.

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The CareerCare Advantage

Boost awareness of the awesome jobs and careers you have available.

Empower employees to deepen self-knowledge and take ownership of their career path within your organization.

Support reskilling and upskilling initiatives to keep your team ahead of the curve.

Develop and optimize internal career coaching capacity, saving talent acquisition time.

Optimize tuition reimbursement dollars by increasing the chances of a perfect “fit” before college applications.

Flexibility In Delivery

CareerCare offers a dynamic and adaptable delivery model to suit your organization’s needs. Create engaging cohorts for employees to advance together or offer the option of independent, individualized study.


Unlock the potential within your team with CareerCare — a holistic, flexible, and empowering solution designed to drive growth for your employees and organization. Start your journey today.

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