CLiMB is an online library of focused microlearnings that provide actionable training for frontline employees on key concepts such as basic professionalism, communication, using time wisely, managing stress, and providing exceptional customer service.

Practice activities use real-world scenarios from healthcare-specific settings and focus on the entry-level job positions of the targeted learner.

Benefits of CLiMB

While e-learning abounds, there is a lack of high-quality behavioral skills learning for entry-level associates. Often overlooked, these individuals have a significant daily impact on team productivity and patient/family satisfaction. CLiMB addresses common issues related to poor performance, offering managers access to standardized, high-quality training for their hourly workers.

CLiMB strengthens individuals’ skill sets and team performance, while providing a competitive distinction for recruiting and retaining talent. It allows organizations to:

  • Provide “just in time” targeted skill building at the moment of need

  • Be strategic and intentional about employee development

  • Hire individuals for organization fit, and train for the skills needed

  • Light an enthusiasm for learning, improve employee confidence, and identify employees who aspire to excel and move ahead in the organization

For your organization
Organization Image
  • Strengthen individual skill sets and team performance

  • Provide a competitive distinction for recruiting and retaining talent

  • Be strategic and intentional about employee development

For your supervisors
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  • Build supervisor and team lead coaching skills

  • Provide efficient one on one “teachable moments”

  • Use for group training in huddles to cover general expectations or as a refresher course on important skills

For your entry level associates
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  • Provide basic skills training for employees in a modern, motivational framework, resulting in practical behavioral skill gains

  • Allows for self-directed learning and the opportunity to explore solutions

  • Use for group training in huddles to cover general expectations or as a refresher course on important skills


CLiMB addresses 15 competencies identified by managers as common performance challenges among non-clinical healthcare staff. These include: accountability; collaboration; communication; service to customers; and self-management.

Lessons and activities use real-world scenarios from healthcare-specific settings from patient intake to the nurse’s station to the cafeteria, and beyond. They also focus squarely on the job positions of the targeted learner including: food and nutrition, EVS, PCAs, Unit Secretaries and call centers. Practice activities show how behaviors can be applied immediately on the job.

The CLiMB microlearing library is organized within 5 themes:

  • 1. Good Work and Good Relationships

  • 2. Communicating Effectively

  • 3. Caring for Yourself and Others

  • 4. Providing an Exceptional Patient Experience

  • 5. Your Healthcare Career

Defuse Conflict Image

Defuse Conflict in 3 Steps

Productive Questions Image

Ask Productive Questions About Change

Engage Customers Image

Engage with Customers

Career Success Image

Set Yourself Up for Career Success


The video below provides a deeper dive into CLiMB and Theme 2:

Delivery Model


In the hectic world of the healthcare environment, time and space for learning are often hard to come by! CLiMB Microlearning modules are 10-20 minutes in length, minimizing the impact on an employee’s work schedule and/or personal time. Brief, focused modules allow the opportunity for self-discovery of solutions, resulting in practical behavioral skill gains employees can immediately apply to their daily work and use as the foundation for further career and personal growth.

Employees can access CLiMB from your LMS (delivered via SCORM package) or from the Catalyst Learning LMS, CLEO.

CLiMB can be used in 3 ways:

  • Independent Study by the Target Learner. The on-demand system allows employees to access microlearnings from your LMS at any time, by computer or tablet.
  • Managers serving as Teachers, Coaches. Easy to say and hard to do! Provide your supervisors access to the CLiMB library and Coaching Tools. Teach them to use CLiMB for coachable performance improvement moments, both in 1/1 meetings and department meetings and huddles.
  • Practice three key skills: analyzing, evaluating and reasoning
  • Educators teaching groups of employees. Tired of your same old “check the box” onboarding process? Work CLiMB into your onboarding system from the start and wow new employees with your learning culture. Easy-to-use facilitator guides lay out scenarios for group use.

For a window into 4 additional CLiMB microlearnings, check out this video:

Unique Customer Collaboration. Why these Health Systems actively helped develop CLiMB

AtlantiCare, Mercy and a third health system were integrally involved in CLiMB’s development. These organizations have a track record of extensive investing in entry-level associates and are long-term customers of Catalyst Learning. Each has provided funding to develop the initial CLiMB library and participated in all aspects of content development and testing.

Why Mercy was involved in CLiMB

“Mercy has a long tradition of providing skill development for co-workers at all levels. Our core value of Dignity guides us to be an effective voice for the economically poor and underserved, including for those with whom we serve. Our advocacy work asks that we also work collaboratively with others to address the needs of vulnerable persons, so we are pleased to join AtlantiCare and Catalyst Learning in this pioneering education development for our lowest paid co-workers.”

– Jimmy Wilson, Executive Director Talent Development, Mercy


How AtlantiCare will use CLiMB

“AtlantiCare has a proud history of skill development for associates at all levels. The addition of these on-line microlearnings will help us expand our reach with more widely accessible learning tools. We also look forward to exploring how we might use CLiMB for onboarding and for work external community partners.”

– Roseann Kobialka, Assistant Vice President Organizational Development, AtlantiCare