5 Advancement Obstacles of Entry-Level Associates You May Not Be Thinking About

Health systems look to offer opportunity to entry-level workers, to help these lower paid workers find their footing and understand healthcare’s many potential career pathways. Frontline non-clinical associates are some of healthcare’s critical employees. These are support and administrative roles, like aides, assistants, environmental, nutrition, and security. These frontline employees may be your potential candidates […]

2023 Trends for Nursing Learning & Development Efforts

Female nurse wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope standing with her arms crossed.

What are nursing educators, instructors, and enterprise L&D leaders thinking as we head into 2023? In this article, Catalyst Learning reflects on well-cited nursing trends (staffing shortages, informatics, retention, need for leadership pipelines, etc.) and what we hear on-the-ground from nurse educators to understand and describe four priorities for NLD efforts in 2023. CNOs/Educators Think…

Creating a Culture of Connection

Group of people in shape of pie chart - Creating a culture of connection

This health system newsletter is a summary of Catalyst Learning’s webinar entitled “Creating a Culture of Connection: Proven Strategies for Success.”  To watch the webinar, click here. The 2022 workplace is being reshaped with a lens toward how the employer-employee relationship is changing.  Workers are questioning their career choices, and employers are asking themselves what…