How Can I Be The Boss No Nurse Wants To Leave

how can i be the boss no nurse wants to leave

This article is a summary of a digital workshop given by Rose O. Sherman and Catalyst Learning Company on 9/1/2021. Ms. Sherman’s presentation was titled “Become the Boss No One Wants to Leave: Nurse Recruitment in Turbulent Times.” Catalyst Learning sponsored the event in recognition of the heroic role that nurses played in the U.S. […]

Helping Charge Nurses to Lead During Unstable Times

Helping Charge Nurses to Lead During Unstable Times - Nurse with stethoscope and blue scrubs

The role of the first-level supervisory nurse is critical for quality patient care and overall work quality for nursing staff. The role is also very complicated, especially given that nurses often assume the role based on clinical skills, with limited formal leadership development. Solving problems, understanding staff members scope of practice, and dealing with staff…