Beyond Orientation: Crafting a Winning Healthcare Onboarding Strategy

Woman with headphones on wearing blue scrubs answering phone calls next to the title "Beyond Orientation: Crafting a Winning Healthcare Onboarding Strategy".

Any new career begins with an onboarding process. In the healthcare sector, onboarding is essential to team efficiency at all levels. Understanding and implementing a successful employee onboarding strategy requires effort from both employer and employee through active participation. There are common pitfalls in healthcare specific and non-healthcare specific onboarding strategies, active engagement from all […]

Creating a Culture of Connection

Group of people in shape of pie chart - Creating a culture of connection

This health system newsletter is a summary of Catalyst Learning’s webinar entitled “Creating a Culture of Connection: Proven Strategies for Success.”  To watch the webinar, click here. The 2022 workplace is being reshaped with a lens toward how the employer-employee relationship is changing.  Workers are questioning their career choices, and employers are asking themselves what…