Top Worries of CNOs in 2020

CNOs have a stressful role – it is tough being the biggest advocate for nurses in a healthcare organization, when up to 35% of the staff are nurses. There is a lot at stake and a lot of associates to lead. CNOs are responsible for quality, safety, patient satisfaction, labor, regulatory, compliance, budgets and the […]

3 Ways NCharge® Supports Magnet Applications

Transformational leadership is a key ingredient in establishing a nursing environment that achieves Magnet designation. Gradually, a transformational mindset should take root in the organization and become even stronger as other leaders adopt this way of thinking. Nurses in charge need to be developed, directed, and empowered to find the best way to accomplish the […]

Charge Nurse Traits Which Clinical Nurses Value Most

Every nurse early in their career has had a Charge RN they did not want to work under on a shift. Ineffective shift leaders may lead “reactive” instead of proactive, be pessimistic, unpredictable, poor under stress, or may even find it challenging to relate to other nurses viewpoint. This is why nurse leaders with high […]

How the CNO Drives Nurse Engagement

What is employee engagement? Gallup defines it as the level of commitment, passion and loyalty a worker has towards their work and their organization. CNOs can take action to drive nurse engagement; in fact Magnet hospitals are even graded on engagement metrics like leadership access/responsiveness and RN to RN teamwork and collaboration. To help a […]

Top 10 CNO Resolutions for 2019

1) Improve your coaching mindset – Retaining nurses will require adjusting styles to adapt to a new generation of nurses What nurses expect from their leaders is changing. Gone are the days of command control leadership when staff were expected to be grateful because they had a job. Today’s nurses, especially the Millennial workforce, want […]