9 Ways Hospitals can Support Frontline Healthcare Workers, and Create a Winning Culture!

Most healthcare leaders agree that a productive culture is a pillar of hospital success. But there are many organizations with lofty-sounding “corporate missions” that have less-than-stellar work environments for frontline employees. Frontline employees can sometimes be an afterthought in culture development, but they are often the voice and the heart of the hospital to patients and families. To improve […]

Becoming an Advocate for your Frontline Workers

Becoming an Advocate for Your Frontline Workers Since the 1990s, healthcare jobs have been steadily ticking up, while former powerhouse employers such as the manufacturing industry were trending down. An article in The Atlantic, “Health Care Just Became the U.S.’s Largest Employer,” highlighted this growth, noting that healthcare outpaced both manufacturing and retail industries in […]

Want To Keep Frontline Employees? Think Like Trader Joe’s!

No matter what products they sell, many businesses in the retail industry know that success depends heavily on the frontline workers they hire to staff their stores. Typically the lowest paid employees in an organization, they play an inversely important role in driving sales and customer satisfaction. The problem is the high turnover rate for […]

Tech Trends With Implications For Healthcare Talent Development In 2019

By Ted Smith, Deputy Director, Envirome Institute, School of Medicine, University of Louisville   Technology enhances and affects nearly every part of our lives, and adult corporate learning is no exception. Some learning and development (L&D) technology may already be implemented in your health system, as it can assist with clinical and non-clinical learning alike. […]