What Your Nurses Didn’t Learn in Nursing School

For nurses, especially those who are new to peer leadership positions, “soft skills” are important in career development. Being the best clinical and bedside nurse may mean little if other nurses are not buying into a new leader’s vision. “Soft skill” development is vital for new Charge RNs, and these skills can quickly help set […]

How Could Nursing Change in a post-COVID-19 World?

A new era of health care preparedness is upon us. For the healthcare industry in general, scaling up can happen when backs are against the wall. We know we can quickly add capacity, or have the ability to add capacity when care delivery needs are vast (ICU for ex.) With this new can-do spirit, we’ll […]

Encouraging Nurse Resiliency Techniques During COVID-19

Health providers experience many stressors and complex situations as they administer patient care. Its estimated that 25%-50% of hospital nurses suffer from some type of burnout even during “normal times,” resulting in stress or work anxiety. But during Spring of 2020, it is probable that these numbers have been higher. Nurse resilience as a concept […]