Hospital First-Level Supervisors: Did COVID-19 Expose Weakness?

First-level supervisors/managers in U.S. health systems have many things demanding their attention each day. And that is during “normal” times! The 2020–21 virus pandemic created more challenges for managers in care delivery organizations, including inadequate capacity, supply shortages, and adjusting workforce capacity to cope with changing needs and patient demand. Even before the pandemic, many […]

HR Trends & Workforce Planning at The VHA

The following is a summarized webinar hosted by Catalyst Learning and featuring with Ms. Shari Florio, Manager of the National Workforce Planning Team at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Background – Veterans Health Administration National Workforce Planning “We’re proud to be able to share our methodology and data with the private sector, as taxpayers, you […]

Helping Charge Nurses to Lead During Unstable Times

The role of the first-level supervisory nurse is critical for quality patient care and overall work quality for nursing staff. The role is also very complicated, especially given that nurses often assume the role based on clinical skills, with limited formal leadership development. Solving problems, understanding staff members scope of practice, and dealing with staff […]